How much do you care about yourself?

Symbols - Yin Yang, Dao

Our body will hold physical memories such as scars and emotional memory that will form blocks in the flow of energy throughout your body. If you have experienced periods of emotional or physical stress, your body will be holding this memory – both in the form of cellular and physical health. Just like getting the flu and our eventually feeling miserable, feeling down or other negative emotions will result in physical symptoms. An imbalance may be nutritional, emotional, structural, energetic, spiritual or as simple as an attitude.

There are hundreds of literal examples of how the body responds to our psychology – my throat hurts when I do not express myself, feel like I am losing control and bladder issues, hard to let go and constipation, don’t want to see what is happening and vision issues, the list is endless. As we create every belief we hold, think about why we get the symptoms we do – for example depression. Depression creates a belief of loneliness and perception of no choice. To support this belief, the symptoms are disconnecting from those around me, lose interest in things I used to enjoy, don’t feel like eating, hard to sleep, difficulty to move around and do things, feeling unable to end the pain they feel.

So caring for yourself means making changes to either the physical or emotional stress, and finding a way to clear the body of residual memory to stop repeating patterns.

Kinesiology works holistically with the body to clear both the emotional and physical blocks to wellbeing and change repeating patterns. When we are in balance, we feel happy, energetic, our skin and physical appearance reflects health, life flows, we are creative, fulfilled and we feel more able to problem solve things that come up in our life.