Professional Psychological Services

2think provides counselling, consultancy and clinical supervision to the community and organisations.

Autumn Forest

What happens when I see a Psychologist?

In the first session, the Counsellor will ask you some questions to find out what is the best way to assist you. Sometimes this will be making another appointment or it may be referring to another service. Either way, it is completely voluntary and you can choose what you talk about, if you come back or if you find another service to support you.

How counselling can help?

Sometimes counselling can bring on strong feelings or unpleasant memories. Counselling is a place that helps manage these in a safe and caring environment. The benefits can include greater self awareness, managing problems more effectively and in a more timely manner, improved ability to cope with issues arising in the future by identifying some useful individual strategies.


Confidentiality is extremely important and 2think adheres to the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998, Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 and the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics.
All contact with 2think is confidential. A record of the session is kept secure and no details are released to any other person without your written permission. Psychologists do not have legal privilege and so the rare exception to complete confidentiality is if your file is subpoenaed in court or you are at significant risk of harm to yourself or others. The counsellor will discuss this with you should this occur. For any questions about confidentiality, you should discuss this further with the Counsellor.

How to make an appointment

Appointments can be made by phoning 9904 3005. We will attempt to schedule the appointment at a time convenient to you with the least waiting time. Please note that this is not an emergency or crisis service. Please contact emergency services or check the telephone directory for more appropriate numbers. Out of normal business hours appointments available.


Appointments are for 1 hour and cost $220. Eftpos and cash are accepted as payment and due at time of consultation. For clients referred by a GP, Psychiatrist or Pediatrician under the National Mental Health Scheme part of this fee will be reimbursed through Medicare. Financial limitations should not prevent you seeking support so please contact 2think to discuss payment options.